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Thieves targeting iPads in NY Apple Store


Apple's products have been increasingly targeted by thieves since those now-ubiquitous white earbuds first announced, "I'm carrying an expensive Apple doohickey! Mug me!" iPhones and iPods are often too hard for ne' er-do-wells to resist, and now iPads have joined their ranks.

The New York Post reports that the West Side Apple Store was robbed of iPads twice in the last week. In both instances, opportunistic thieves nabbed boxed iPads that were being unloaded from a delivery truck in broad daylight. Picking up five at a time while the driver was looking away, the crooks simply sprinted from the scene.

Of course, the iPad is a hot product and has sold well. Store employees noted that they've increased security, but monitoring shipments is tricky business, as they don't know when new iPads or other Apple products will arrive.

Keep your eyes peeled when walking down the street with your iDevice. And to the thieves: Surely there's a easier and less disruptive way to make a few hundred bucks?

[Via Cult of Mac]

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