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Your Radio Shack iPhone 4 pre-order may be a late arrival

Keith M

Add another mark up on the board tracking the major confusion going on regarding iPhone 4 pre-sales.

On its official Facebook page, Radio Shack has posted a statement to customers who recently placed pre-orders for the iPhone 4. In short, Radio Shack says that the store you placed your pre-order through may not get the new phones on launch day (tomorrow, June 24).

From the company's statement:

"In some cases, stores that took requests will not receive the iPhone 4 on June 24. We are sorry for any confusion and disappointment regarding this and will share future availability as soon as we have more information. We are making every effort to contact all customers who placed requests to let them know the status of phone availability."

They go on to say you should call the Radio Shack store where you placed your order to confirm it'll be there before you arrive, rather than having your hopes and dreams dashed when you get there. The question now is whether or not these late pre-order arrivals will be made available on the 29th of June. Since AT&T recently announced that it doesn't have enough iPhones to sell to walk-ins until then (reservations only at the company's retail outlets, so no point in lining up for a purchase if you didn't book ahead), it's looking like it may be a wait through the weekend for new purchases.

Of course, even if you did reserve a phone with AT&T, you still might have issues if you're among the unlucky buyers who had their orders unexpectedly cancelled (see this rather daunting Apple support thread).

Thanks Justin!

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