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Breakfast Topic: Things my wife and I have done in WoW

Matthew Rossi

My wife played World of Warcraft before I did. Heck, she played it in its original beta, well before we were even married.

My wife also is the person who read WoW Insider, the site that became, long before I did. She was the one who told me what an instance was, the one who realized we could use WoW to communicate during the long period of separation after we'd first gotten to know each other, and the first one to discuss us raiding. She was the one who led our forays into Hyjal long before Burning Crusade and the CoT Hyjal raid. I leveled a second shaman to 70 in part to help her tame a ghost wolf. So in a very real sense I not only owe a lot of my favorite WoW memories to her (Molten Core will always be special to us) but I wouldn't be working here without her. My wife has proved to me that while WoW is a game, it can also provide a lot of great memories.

June 24th is my wedding anniversary: I actually proposed while we were killing Ragnaros. Time has passed, things have changed, and yet here we are four years later. I probably wouldn't have played this long and I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much without her. Even if she did get me killed sixteen times trying to tame that windserpent in ZG.

I love my wife very much and she made this game special to me in those early months of exploring and questing, showing me the World of Warcraft through her eyes.

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