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Dawntide open beta week three updates

Jef Reahard

Dawntide's open beta phase continues to move forward, and the developers at Working as Intended have posted two updates on the official website this week to keep fans of the sandbox title apprised of the situation. First up is a general status report from Ronin that summarizes where the current beta build is and where it's likely to go.

"The numbers continue to stay solid and the activity levels compared to closed beta are absolutely impressive. Internally we're moving back to our task management system which was a bit neglected in the haste to get to Open Beta so we should have a better idea of who is assigned what and where to apply pressure. That also means I can get more relevant information out in these updates," he writes.

Additionally, WAI's Wiz checks in with the patch notes for 3.07, calling it "a small patch, mainly addressing an urgent crash bug. Another patch is planned for later in the week."

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