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FIFA 11 'Personality+' is not quite what we were thinking


The new "Personality+" feature in FIFA 11 isn't exactly what our minds conjured for a feature with that name -- charismatic footballers cheerily encouraging each other, helping up fallen opponents and maintaining a modest dance routine after scoring a goal.

Instead, according to this video demonstration, Personality+ appears to make many of the game's players worse. What's that -- but it's more realistic, you say? Bah! Real soccer's when your defender steals the ball from a would-be striker as he's winding up to shoot, dribbles all the way up the pitch and launches a 30-yard dagger into the opponents net -- with flames! So there -- wanna fight about it?

Whoa, whoa. What's gotten into us? Sorry, it's been a rough morning. Maybe we could use some Personality+. Oh, it's not an energy drink either? We give up.

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