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Keeping it real fake: ePhone won't shatter when you drop it, might melt in the sun


We're guessing that there won't be many tech sites lineblogging outside the Shenzhen KIRF stalls when the ePhone 4GS finally gets a release date. And it's a shame, really: for knock-off fanatics like ourselves, this thing could be in the big leagues, right up there with the iorgane (that's pronounced "i-orange," by the way). Don't let the industrial design fool you -- unlike the real deal, this thing is all plastic, right up to that silver band wrapping 'round the edges. The rear of the unit boasts the Apple logo and 16GB, and while the first designation is definitely inaccurate, we harbor serious doubts about the latter. But what do you expect for $85? Get a closer look after the break.

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