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Mophie introduces external juice pack batteries for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Tim Stevens

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Mophie's juice pack air external case added some much-needed longevity to our iPhone when we tried it out last year, but most of us on staff aren't particularly fond of making our gadgets even more chubby. If you are also not looking for a little more to love, mophie is introducing a line of external juice packs that pop into your device (courtesy of a retractable dock connector) to add a little extra life. Smallest will be the $40, 1,000mAh juice pack reserve, followed by the $60, 1,500mAh boost, both of which are compatible with the iPod and iPhone -- and also offer "super-bright" LED flashlights. Last but not least is the juice pack power station, which hasn't been given a price or specific mAh rating but is said to add in compatibility with the iPad. The first two are available now and, while it's a shame these things don't just offer a plain 'ol USB port as well for charging other devices, we suppose you can't have everything.

Update: If this is a little too rich for your blood, check out the comments for a few less expensive and more broadly compatible alternatives.

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mophie juice pack universal Line Makes it Even Easier to Charge iPhone, iPod touch, iPad on the Go

June 23, 2010 02:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
LOS ANGELES--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--mophie announces three new additions to its award-winning accessory line – the juice pack universal reserve, boost and power station. The sleek external batteries, with a retractable pin, are compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, meaning that Apple aficionados with multiple mobile devices need to look no further than mophie to add extra "juice."

"In addition to new ways to keep the iPhone and iPod touch charged, we're excited to enter the iPad accessory territory with the introduction of the power station."
The mophie juice pack reserve will be available immediately, with the boost and power station arriving shortly thereafter. All of the quick charge units feature LED status indicators, and the reserve and boost feature LED flashlights. The reserve and boost chargers will work with all iPhone and iPod touch form factors, and the portability of those units means it's now easier than ever to access extra power while on the go. The power station, in addition to working with the iPhone and iPod touch, is iPad compatible, and marks mophie's first foray into accessories for the popular new device.

"We strive to continuously offer our customers new and convenient ways to harness additional, portable power, and the universal line is a natural progression beyond our juice pack case offering," says Ross Howe, sales and product development director of mophie. "In addition to new ways to keep the iPhone and iPod touch charged, we're excited to enter the iPad accessory territory with the introduction of the power station."

Key to the universal line development was the inclusion of fast, powerful charging currents. mophie's next generation iPhone accessories incorporate the latest advancements in portable power; the mophie reserve and mophie boost units integrate these developments to charge iPods and iPhones, while the mophie power station can charge iPods, iPhones and iPads.

In keeping with mophie's minimal design aesthetic and non-invasive accessory philosophy, the modern, luxurious soft touch cases are available in a black/silver color combination. The cases are designed to enhance and work with each mobile device, rather than add extra, unnecessary bulk.

All members of the juice pack universal line will be available in Apple stores, and at or; the reserve retails for $39.95, the boost for $59.95 and the power station for $99.95. For additional information regarding the mophie suite of products, please visit

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mophie is an award winning accessory company consistently praised for its creative designs and innovative solutions. mophie was proud to be the first ever "Works With iPhone" battery. Its products can be found in Apple Stores and major retailers worldwide and on Follow mophie on Twitter at

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