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The line in Knoxville, TN is freaking huge


I came up to our local mall this morning and found that they had just begun to let people inside at 6:30am. The line for the iPhone 4 was huge, and apparently that was just for the non-preorders. The pre-order line snakes from the Apple Store to nearly the front door, and I'd say there are well over 200, possibly as many as 400 or 500 people if you add up both lines. Several hundred of those are simply hoping to get a phone without a reservation! Good luck, those of us with reservations are sweating the situation.

I've seen some negotiating in line as well. One person ahead of me just spoke to an Apple retail person and might have managed to get a 2nd phone although she could only reserve one online. Hope that phone wasn't mine! We'll have more reports from other stores soon, plus our findings on antenna and screens coming up later today.

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Update: The line is moving right along, and we're seeing people leave with shiny new iPhones.

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