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TUAW tested: iPhone 4 works with original iPhone dock


Editor's Note: We inadvertently neglected to acknowledge the other tipsters who brought this feature to our attention. Thank you to Alan Wyman, 'iPhone Coder,' DocRock & everyone else who pointed this out.

Over on Twitter, user TheiJcaP tipped us to the fact that the new iPhone 4 does work with the original iPhone dock. Being fanatical OCD maniacs moderately well organized, one and all, we headed off to our carefully labeled "outdated iPhone parts" box and pulled out some spare docks for units that are no longer serviceble.

Just as promised, the iPhone 4 fit perfectly into the dock, and even now my new unit is continuing its initial sync (yes, I do have a lot of data to transfer) in a happily near-vertical position.

This is just one of those tiny little bits of synchronicity that bring joy in life. It's not going to clean up oil spills or end disease and suffering, but what a lovely discovery and a pleasant surprise in our more immediate day-to-day world.

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