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Yoot Saito teases possibility of Seaman on 3DS

If you were to take the entire 3DS lineup announced at Nintendo's E3 press conference last week, and roll all our anticipation for said titles into a single lump, it probably wouldn't match the scope of our excitement for this faintly teased remake. A fan of Yoot Saito recently asked the idiosyncratic game developer on Twitter about the chances of getting a new Seaman title on the 3DS. According to Andriasang's translation, Saito responded to this query by saying he couldn't mention specific details, but said fan should keep hoping for said game.

The fan went on to (understandably) voice his excitement for the prospect of Seaman 3D, which Saito once again responded to, saying his development team would work to meet the fan's expectations. We know we've been hurt before (how's that Seaman 2 localization coming along?), but we could really go for a portable version of that scaly little sardonic bastard.

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