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Apple, AT&T sued over iPad data plan change


When the iPad was first announced, Steve Jobs seemed very proud of the data plans his company had negotiated for the 3G model. The top-of-the-line plan featured unlimited data for for US$30 per month. A few weeks later, on June 2nd, that plan was replaced with 2GB of data for $25 per month.

Customers were not happy.

Today, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple and AT&T, claiming fraud and misrepresentation. Specifically, the plaintiffs in the nationwide suit alllege that both Apple and AT&T "deceptively promoted" that they could switch, month by month, between the unlimited plan and the 250MB plan. Now customers who opt for the unlimited plan cannot switch back to a limited plan.

The whole thing smells like the old bait-and-switch, enjoyed by plaid-wearing used car salesmen everywhere. Good luck to all involved.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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