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GOA hands over WAR EU to Mythic


Earlier this year, Mythic Entertainment moved to take over the management of Dark Age of Camelot in Europe from publisher GOA, and this week we've learned that they're doing the same for Warhammer Online. In a brief announcement on WAR's EU site, GOA states that the full operation of the game is being handed over to Mythic. This includes a migration of all character data from GOA's servers to Mythic's. GOA has had the publishing rights to WAR since 2006.

The history of GOA and Warhammer Online is a rocky one, especially around the launch of the game in 2008. However, they retained the right to publish and run the game in Europe, and proceeded without any other severe bumps since then (OK, maybe a few bumps). GOA's parting note with the players is quietly upbeat: "We have enjoyed a lot of great times with you. Over the past couple of years we have fostered a fantastically vibrant and active community; we saw the world's first Tchar'Zanek and Karl Franz kills pre 1.3.5 and hosted undeniably some of the most professional guilds to ever play WAR."

While this undoubtedly comes as a shock to many EU players, the bottom line is that WAR will continue to run in the region. The WAR EU site promises more information and a transition FAQ in upcoming days, so stay tuned as we keep abreast of this developing situation.

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