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Jason Bateman pulled out of LA Apple Store line

Keith M

Update: The NY Nightlife Examiner quotes a store employee regarding Bateman's tenure in The Grove store's iPhone 4 line: "T he paparazzi had spotted him first and swarmed him like bees in an angry hive. As he was not able to find cover from this (or he'd lose his spot in line, like anyone else would) we quickly decided that this was unfair to one of our customers and offered to extract him from the frenzy. Inside the store he was given no special treatment. After all, he deserved to be just another customer that day, just like everyone else." While we're waiting for more independent reporting from folks who were present, we apologize for the suggestion that J-Bate was pulled out of line for no reason at all, and we hope he's enjoying his new iPhone.

Obviously with such an sought after item as the newest iPhone, there's going to be a slew of sightings of famous people hoping to get their mitts on one as well. Like Conan O'Brien, for example.

Another celebrity sighting didn't go off as well as the CoCo one did. Jason Bateman stood in line with others at the Apple Store at the Grove in Los Angeles. After waving his hands about at Apple Store employees, screaming "Hello! Jason Bateman here!" he was escorted into the store, ahead of the multitude waiting in front of him. Alright, I made up that screaming and waving part -- the employees likely saw him and promptly kissed butt. Needless to say, the remaining crowd booed Bateman relentlessly as he emerged with the telltale white Apple shopping bag and a new iPhone 4.

If you were one of the folks standing/sitting/laying down in those long lines of your fellow bretheren, waiting to get your hands on a brand-spankin' new iPhone 4, would you accept an offer to be brought to the front of the line? What if it was made a public spectacle? And then you were booed because you were offered it for no apparent reason? Yeah, I probably would too.

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