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Need For Speed World offers new video

You can always tell when an MMO is getting ready to release -- the information (some will say hype) machines get cranked up to 11. What you don't always see, though, is the developers of the game in question sitting down to not only tell you about their upcoming game, but to soundly kick each other's butts in-game; a treat we get to see from the Need For Speed World team.

In this latest edition of the Need For Speed World video diaries, we're treated to a look at some of the various buffs that players will have a chance to use on their cars during play. The options range from more obvious things like nitrous for speed, to something called "traffic magnet" which is a bit low on specific details, but we gather is quite handy for getting ahead of the pack. With the release coming soon, we're sure more details will continue to pour out in coming weeks -- hopefully with more devs smack-talking each other! Until then, you can check out all the action in the newest video, just behind the break.

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