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Artist builds a hole in the ocean, hopes BP doesn't screw it up


It's easy to get somewhat weepy and introspective when talking about the ocean. After all, it's not only from whence we came -- it's the setting of one of the greatest films ever made. Surfers get their kicks there, Ayn Rand freaks dream of moving there so they can live lives of greed unfettered by democracy, and now a British artist named Andrew Friend has built a device that will allow you to disappear there. From the artist's website:
This device offers the individual opportunity for a safe, temporary disappearance, experiencing an isolation seldom found on land. The occupier of the device is absorbed into the chasm, disappearing from view beneath the water's surface. The device examines the relationship between the known above, and the unknown / imagined world below sea level.
Disappearing (At Sea) is part of a larger work called Fantastic, a series of projects that allow the user to experience "extraordinary, unlikely, desirable (or not), confusing, or uncanny" experiences. Heady stuff, for sure! Hit the source link to get struck by lightning or become invisible. Or, if you'd rather not (and we don't blame you) get a look at an artist's sketch after the break.

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