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One Shots: Returning to the oldschool

It's definitely been a while since we've had a look inside SOE's original MMO offering, EverQuest. Some things are comfortingly familiar, like the flat planes of floors and furniture. Other things seem strangely updated, such as Ryan's character and pet. He sent in a longer note to explain, so we'll cede the rest of the column space to him and simply remind y'all to email your images to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a note about what we're seeing. For now, on with Ryan's story, which continues behind the break as well

"This photo was taken just after I popped on today, when the servers opened up after the big server merger. I had known ahead of time that he was going to have to change his name because someone with a character sharing the same first name predated him in the server I merged with. He was born on October 22, 2002, so that's saying something."

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"It was a little frustrating, after I checked the EverQuest Players page which lets people know when characters were first created, because the character who predated mine on the server hadn't been played in well over a year, while I've recently taken up the game again after a long break myself and have been spending a lot of time on Aerick. However, SOE helped ease the pain by allowing free name changes for affected characters, and even free server mergers for those affected characters -- or both! I was able to easily change the name from Aerick to Aerikk, which isn't the end of the world."

"The picture itself shows the now-named Aerikk with his vanity pet, who's still called 'Aerickx's minion.' Characters who had redundant names logged on to the X on their names before they picked a new one or transferred servers, so that's why it was 'Aerickx's minion' and not 'Aerick's minion.' As soon as I changed zones, the minion's name corrected itself. Aerick started in the Tholuxe Paells server, which then merged with Bertoxxolous a few years ago -- and now has merged with Saryrn to become Bertoxxolous-Saryrn -- so we've come a long way in the still-vibrant world of Norrath.

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