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The Daily Grind: What RP tools would you like to see?


Let's set something straight: I don't believe that roleplay is the sole domain of serious, always-in-character roleplayers who are terribly careful with their parentheses. In many small ways, most all MMO gamers participate in roleplay, even if only in their head as they explore the world and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way. Even the act of dressing up your avatar and collecting gear to make him or her look their best visually flirts with the boundaries of roleplay.

There's always a certain amount of content in any given game that doesn't actually do anything for your character's abilities and advancement, but is fun and helps to create an RP environment -- fluff, in other words. So whether you're a hardcore RPer or a casual gamer, what RP tools would you like to see (or see more of) in MMOs? Would you prefer more abilities to craft unique objects or play music? Would you like to see cosmetic outfits cross over into your MMO? Should developers put in more RP-friendly locales, such as stages and meeting halls, to encourage RP functions? What about tools to allow players to run their own special events?

What RP tools and elements would you like to see added to your game?

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