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Twisted Pixel helping with Turbine-developed console MMO [update]


Update: Twisted Pixel's Mike Wilford told us this morning: "That Turbine MMO project has been listed on our site for almost two years. It's no secret that Turbine has been working on an MMO for consoles, but they haven't given out too many details yet as they are still in development on it. We helped them out on a number of console-specific fronts since that happens to be our specialty, but we concluded our contracts with them and have turned our complete attention to original IP works." We've yet to hear back from Turbine.

More from Twisted Pixel already? The digitally prolific studio that brought us The Maw and 'Splosion Man (in the same year, no less) -- not to mention the still-in-development Comic Jumper -- has quietly announced "a contract with Turbine to help them build an awesome new MMO intended for consoles." Yep, for consoles. Unfortunately, the developer seems to be keeping mum on more details, saying, "If you want more than that, you'll have to take it up with Turbine, because we can't spill the beans on their top-secret game."

The only other info that we could glean from TP's curious message is that the work done was contractual (as the developer has done in the past with both Blitz: The League 2 and NBA Ballers: Chosen One), and that it's already been completed. Further, the "fun project" is referred to in the past-tense, with the developer only allowing "We can't wait to play it ourselves when it's released." We might say we are too, if only we had any idea at all of what it could be.

Our friends at Massively confirmed last September that, at the time, Turbine had been working on a console MMO for "a year and a half," so we could be hearing more about this super secret project sooner than later.

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