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'Classics HD' line for PS3 in Europe, starting with Sly Collection and God of War


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The European packaging for The Sly Collection has "Classics HD" branding prominently displayed on the box, implying that the HD-fication of PS2 classics (with possible Move integration) may become a regular thing on PS3. Reaching out to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a representative told us, "'Classics HD,' is the name given to any older game that has been adapted to be in HD, with trophy support to be played on PS3. The only examples of these games so far are the God of War Collection and the recently announced Sly HD Collection."

Sony America stated that it has not named a line of products "Classics HD" and that "The Sly Collection and the God of War Collection are the only remastered compilations available thus far." Looks like we're going to have to keep on waiting for official word of that HD Team Ico Collection.

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