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Could 3D bring the NHL back to ESPN?


Stop us if you've heard this one before (with HDTV as savior), but an editorial on Home Theater Review suggests an interesting theory -- that a need for 3D content could drive ESPN to once again open its arms to the NHL. Currently relegated to limited airings on NBC and Versus, post-lockout professional hockey has had a tough time regaining its former status, but a partnership with the sports leader (and its immense subscriber base) could turn that around. On its end, ESPN could potentially have a source for plenty of programming to fill its ESPN 3D schedule, and a partner willing to bend over backwards to accommodate the new technology and its need for closer, lower camera angles to increase the 3D effect. We're not huge hockey fans but we're sure a few of you are, even if you plan on sticking to 2D HDTV viewing of the on-ice action, are you ready for National Hockey Night to make a return?

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