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Nokia N9, E7, C7, or whatever it's called gets caught on video

Chris Ziegler

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The mechanism that opens and closes the articulated display is pretty neat -- but otherwise, there isn't much from Negri Electronics' video of its mysteriously-obtained Nokia prototype that is likely to raise many eyebrows. The phone -- labeled "C0" but more likely a member of the Nseries or Eseries -- gets poked and prodded over the course of four-odd minutes, revealing a number of ports protected with plastic flaps (micro HDMI included, it seems) along with a good, close look at that expansive QWERTY keyboard. Performance looks reasonable but not mind-blowing -- and we don't want to pass judgment on a software build that's likely got months of work left before retail -- so this could be a reasonable option for N97 and N97 Mini owners looking for an upgrade with a capacitive display and some ultra-mild UI rework. Follow the break for the video.

[Thanks, Anphase]

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