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Nickelback gets own Tap Tap Revenge, suddenly considers music games 'very cool'


Tapulous, maker of the popular Tap Tap Revenge rhythm games for iPhone, has announced the arrival of the latest entry in the series: Nickelback Revenge. Now, this normally wouldn't rate very high on our interest-o-meters, if not for the critical comments about music games made by Nickelback signer Chad Kroeger back in late 2008, telling gamers to "put down the Guitar Hero" and start real bands.

Today, Kroeger is signing a different tune. "The combination of our music and Tapulous' gameplay is very cool," the band's frontman said of the game. "We're excited to give our fans a fun, interactive way to experience our music." Surely not more fun or interactive than playing a real guitar, in a real band. Right, Chad? Right?

Hey, at least Nickelback hasn't let its music appear in any other music games, let alone one that uses plastic guitars. What? Oh.

Nickelback Revenge (Tapulous, $4.99): App Store Link

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