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Red Dead Redemption will be profitable, Take-Two CEO says


Take-Two Interactive CEO Ben Feder recently told VentureBeat that runaway stagecoach hit Red Dead Redemption, which supposedly ended up having one bucking bronco of a budget after six years of development, will be profitable for the company. Take-Two announced last month that the western had shipped over 5 million units, putting it en route to surpass the alleged 4 million units in sales it needed to recoup costs.

The executive added that Red Dead Redemption "sucked the oxygen out of the room" upon its release, leaving little room in the market for anything that launched around the same time. The UK sales charts would agree, with RDR having held a prominent place since launch. Now, we wait for the US NPD figures (which will cover two months of data) to give us an idea of how the game's been doing in the States.

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