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Stamp.y Digital Camera concept doesn't look particularly pocket-friendly

Tim Stevens

We're sometimes a little sad that the joy of gathering with family and friends 'round the photo album has been reduced to the shallow act of pasting a link into a text field, so we're always intrigued when some gadget designer finds an interesting way to bring us back to something physical. The Stamp.y from designer Jinhee Kim certainly does that in an interesting way -- but perhaps not an entirely practical one. It's a digital camera with a very unusual shape and design allowing it to act as a rubber stamp. Take your picture through the proboscis-shaped lens, pop off the back, dab it on the handy ink pad, and then stamp that picture onto whatever you like. We think this would be huge in schools as a great way for kids to decorate their book covers, but physical textbooks will surely be a thing of the past before this becomes a reality.

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