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Toy Soldiers DLC this week, Worms 2 DLC on July 7


In addition to announcing release dates for Blacklight: Tango Down and Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, Microsoft has also revealed that new DLC is on the way for XBLA's Toy Soldiers and Worms 2: Armageddon. The Toy Soldiers "The Kaiser's Battle" add-on ($5) arrives tomorrow, June 30, and lets players try out the French army, take on a new boss, grab three more Achievements and enjoy new multiplayer and survival maps.

On Wednesday, July 7, the Worms 2 "Battle Pack" ($5) will be released and includes six new weapons, new speech banks, 10 new forts, a new "Survivor" game mode, more Achievements, new player titles, leaderboards and 30 new single-player missions. Sheesh -- you'd think Team17 would save something for a future DLC pack.

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