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Bezos: Kindle and iPad are separate devices


Just yesterday, we were talking about how groovy it is that Amazon is strongly supporting their iPhone and iPad apps, even while trying to sell competing hardware with the Kindle device. But Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a recent interview that it's not really a choice -- "the Kindle is for readers," and he considers the iPad "a different product category." That's interesting. Most people might view the iPad and the Kindle as competing devices, especially since the Kindle has apparently dropped price to try and stay relevant. But Bezos says Amazon's strategy is "buy once, read everywhere." The company is selling ebooks, and while there are reasons you might want to read them on your Kindle, they're fine with reading them on your iPhone or iPad as well.

That actually sounds like a great strategy for Amazon. While I still have my doubts that the Kindle isn't a competitor in the eyes of consumers (if you have an iPad at home, would you really pick up a Kindle?), it's at least good news for iPad owners that Amazon is sharing the love with the Kindle app.

[via Electronista]

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