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Blizzard's creative development team answers tons of lore questions


Lore nerds, rejoice! Weeks back, Blizzard asked official forum-goers to submit questions for the CDev (Creative Development) team in this thread. Questions have been answered, and there is information-a-plenty. We learn about the ethereals' home planet, pieces of lore about the tol'vir and the oft-reviled Obsidian Destroyer unit from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft, why goblin shaman exist, and the origins of Varok Saurfang, to name just a few awesome reveals.

Here are some highlights:


Q: What happened to Frostmourne after it was shattered?

A: While this is a closely guarded secret, we'll trust you to be discreet: no one knows where the remnants of Frostmourne are now.


Q: The Blood Knights of Silvermoon lack direction. None of them were seen in Northrend, and it is very unclear whether the Order still exists, or if it's been disbanded. It's also very unclear where the Blood Knights obtain their power, now. It used to be the Naaru, but then... remnants of the naaru. Surely these remnants are all but tapped now. Do we obtain power from the Sunwell?

A: As of the end of the Burning Crusade expansion, blood elves who wield the Light do so through the power of the renewed Sunwell. It is a harmonious relationship, no longer one of discord caused by the blood elves' attempts to bend the Light to their will, which will likely have a positive effect on blood elf society in the long run. Look forward to updates that reflect this change in the Silvermoon and Blood Knight quests.


Q: What role, if any, will Med'an play in Cataclysm?

A: Med'an will not be visible in Cataclysm; something else is keeping him occupied.

For the full list of questions and answers, visit the World of Warcraft official forums thread here.

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