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EA taking Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on tour


If you happen to live in one of seven US cities selected by EA, you'll be able to catch Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in advance of its November 16 release. Taking a cue from The Cannonball Run, the game will wind its way across the country (and back again), making pit stops at "hot local venues" along the route, where it will be playable while "renowned hip hop and rock artists" perform.

The tour rolls out on Wednesday, July 14 at the Manhattan Classic Car Club in New York City. Hit the break (not the brakes) for a full list of cities and dates, then visit the official Need for Speed site to sign up for a test drive at one of the venues.

  • New York, July 14
  • Chicago, Aug. 5
  • Seattle, Sept. 4
  • San Francisco, Sept. 11
  • Austin, Oct. 7
  • Miami, Oct. 21
  • Los Angeles, Nov. 16

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