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Fear Of A Nerd Planet: A Hip Hop Retrospective (update)


Hip Hop has always been a conspiracy between music and technology. Turntables? Gadgets. Samplers? Ditto. From the very beginning, the music was suffused with a sort of science fiction aura, and by 1982 (when Afrika Bambaataa dropped Planet Rock) it could safely be said that "nerdliness" (the state or condition of being a nerd) was embedded in the genre's DNA. Perhaps that's the reason that gadget fans love to compose their own rap videos, celebrating everything from the trackball of the G1 to Best Buy's supremacy over CompUSA. After one popped up today celebrating the Tesla electric car we thought it was a good time to offer you a retrospective of some of our favorite rappin' nerds. Check 'em out for yourself (and annoy your co-workers in the process) after the break. Do you have any that we might have overlooked? Drop 'em into the comments!

DJ Juice: We Takin' Over (Best Buy Remix Music Video)

J Allard: The Halo Zune Rap

G1 Love

Large Hadron Rap

J Brave: Dippin In My Tesla

Update: Looks like Kara Swisher over at All Things Digital is hosting a rap battle of her own. Which is great, really -- as long as Cisco vs. Yahoo doesn't come to resemble the East Coast / West Coast hip hop war of the 90s. Let's silence the violence and increase the peace, ok?

Greg Justice: I Am The World's Most Interesting Intern

Rich Yueh: Yahoo intern video contest winner

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