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OnLive reports smooth launch, adds Lego Harry Potter


OnLive has posted a "state of the service" on its official blog after ten days of accepting beta users, and from the report, everything seems to be going well. While there were a few bugs, the service has been up 24/7 since launch, and OnLive says it's "accommodated far more members at this stage than ever anticipated." We've contacted the company to see if we can find out just how many members OnLive is serving so far.

And the company is also adding games -- Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is being added this week, hours before stores open to sell the physical copy of the title. There's a contest as well -- if you happen to be an OnLive member and are the first to complete the game entirely, you can take a video of your winnings, upload it to the service and drop an email about it, and you could win an iPad or iPod touch. We don't know how many people are floating out in the cloud quite yet, but it is drifting right along.

Thanks, Dennis!

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