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Preview: The Fight: Lights Out

Chris Buffa

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Of all the PlayStation Move games at E3, The Fight: Lights Out was the one I had the most advance interest in. While I enjoyed pummeling my friends and foes in Wii Sports Boxing, I was curious if The Fight would be the next evolution of motion-controlled fighting games -- or just a pretty tech demo. After making short work of my computer-controlled opponent -- and working up a sweat in the process -- it's clear that Sony and developer Coldwood Interactive still have plenty of work to do on this third-person brawler.

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My demo took place inside of a prison -- sans security guards and tear gas. Armed with both a Move controller and Navigation sub-controller (read: Nunchuk), I delivered multiple jabs, uppercuts and left/right crosses by performing those same maneuvers in real life. (Crazy, right?) When my adversary attempted to fight back (which he rarely did), I brought both controllers together and covered my face to block.

The game was somewhat satisfying insomuch as I enjoyed torturing the artificial intelligence, but the demo was way too easy. The other guy threw no more than three punches and failed to guard his head from my (let's be honest) devastating blows. More problematic: There was a slight delay between my punches and the moves happening onscreen.

That will hopefully change by the time Sony releases the game this fall. For now, The Fight: Lights Out is a beat-'em-up that could be one of the Move's premier offerings -- but it has a long way to go.

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