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The Daily Grind: How useful are your favorite forums?

Jef Reahard

We here at Massively spend a lot of time on game forums. Whether we're researching an article for a game like The Old Republic, taking the pulse of the community over in Paragon City, or even looking for info to tweak our EQII characters, it's a given that a certain portion of our week will be spent poring over endless walls of flam... er, threads.

For my part, I've often wondered how many of my fellow MMORPG players spend much (or any) time on the forums. Inevitably during the course of a particularly polarizing discussion, someone will chime in to the effect of "only the hardcores even read these forums, 90% of the players are happily, you know, playing!"

While there is a kernel of truth in such statements, they are impossible to actually prove, much less quantify. That said, I'm interested in your opinions, Massively readers. Are you a regular reader (or contributor) to the discussion boards of your primary game, and if so, what is your gut feeling regarding the percentage of your fellow players who do likewise?

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