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BioShock 2 single-player 'Protector Trials' DLC due in August

Justin McElroy

Some of the most intense moments of BioShock 2 had the Proto-Daddy defending a Little Sister as she sucked precious ADAM from one of Rapture's many corpses. They were great fun, especially when integrated organically into the story. Never one to pass up exploiting something that's working well, 2K has announced that it'll turn those moments into "Protector Trials" DLC, six new single-player maps that are "based on favorite locales from BioShock 2" (so, new-ish?). In addition to the Little Sister-defending action, you'll get seven new Achievements or Trophies.

2K also claims another forthcoming add-on will "expand the narrative" of BioShock 2 -- but let's get the shooting monsters thing out of the way first. Protector Trials will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace (for 400 MS Points) and PlayStation Store (for $4.99) on August 3.

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