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Cisco suggests WiFi Flip Video camera by Christmas, wants to integrate products with Apple's FaceTime


A rambling Computerworld report from Cisco's Live! event is bringing us news of even more goodies, beyond the business and home tablets already revealed. In an interview with Marthin De Beer, Senior VP of Cisco's Emerging Technologies Group, De Beer strongly hints at a WiFi enabled Flip Video camera by the end of 2010. While he didn't say it in so many words, he did say, "We didn't buy Flip to have it be only a video recorder," adding, "I look forward to Christmas," when asked about a possible timeline. That seems clear enough.

The conversation then gets muddied when De Beer begins discussing video as a "pervasive play" for Cisco, something that will "ultimately span across everything we do." And in a bid to interoperate with all devices, including Apple's new handset and certainly future iOS devices, De Beer said, "We would absolutely love to integrate with FaceTime." When, is the question left unanswered. Until then Cisco plans to introduce a mobile Movi iPhone app to the App Store that ties back into Cisco's Tandberg SIP-based video conferencing solution. Now, maybe it's a stretch, but with Cisco slowly creeping into the consumer space, it's hard not to take away a sense that it will be introducing software and devices interoperable with its Silicon Valley neighbor's FaceTime solution in the not too distant future. Hit the source to read the interview in full.

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