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Exchange users on iOS 4 need an updated config profile


The path to ActiveSync nirvana for iPhone 4/iOS 4 users has not run all that smooth over the past couple of weeks. There were dramatic slowdowns for Google Apps and Exchange users who tried to synchronize calendar and mail data, although matters improved after the first day or two. Worse, some Exchange administrators noticed a drag on their servers associated with the influx of iOS 4 devices. Not so hot.

Good news, though: Apple has a suggested solution for these issues, and all it requires is downloading a new Exchange/ActiveSync configuration profile to your device (or, in the case of corporate deployments, scores of devices) and installing it. The new profile doesn't do much except extend the timeouts for contacting Exchange servers, but in this case that should get the job done.

If you've experienced this issue (or tried the fixed profile), let us know.

[hat tips to Engadget, Macworld]

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