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Gunnar adding style to 3D glasses ... for $100 per pair


Our biggest beef with slapping on a pair of glasses for some hot 3D gaming action isn't how silly we might look (the headset we wear at all times keeps us feeling sufficiently silly, thank you very much), but that the glasses simply don't match our $300 Diesel jeans. Lucky for us, then, that stylish glasswear designer Gunnar Optiks just released two pairs of extra snappy-looking, 3DTV-ready glasses -- named "Anime" and "Phenom," respectively -- for $99 a pop.

If that price sounds high to you, perhaps you've discounted the fact that the glasses can also be used for "running a military flight planning simulation, creating/viewing virtual 3D home and commercial architecture environments, or mapping the human genome through molecular modeling?" Perhaps. Regardless, they're available right now from Amazon,, and Gunnar itself.

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