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Mythic Entertainment quietly renamed to 'BioWare Mythic'


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For the third time in five years, Mythic Entertainment has been renamed -- from Mythic Entertainment to "EA Mythic," back to "Mythic Entertainment," and now: BioWare Mythic. The "new" name was tested out in yesterday's Warhammer Online June Producer's Letter, with producer Carrie Gouskos asking readers, "Like the fancy new name? We're still getting used to it ourselves."

Actually, the "BioWare Mythic" name has been used casually for some time within the BioWare division; though the studio's homepage and game sites continue to use the Mythic Entertainment name and logo. An Electronic Arts spokesperson told Joystiq that the name change was never formally announced, but that it was reflective of EA's restructuring of Mythic last June.

At that time, the Virginia-based studio was placed under the direction of BioWare overlords Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, and is currently one of four development studios within the division, which includes BioWare Edmonton, BioWare Austin and BioWare Montreal. Uh-oh, do we sense a "BioWare Fairfax" name change coming on?

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