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Rumor: iTunes still heading to the clouds


We didn't get that cloud-based iTunes at the last keynote, but the project (and the rumor) isn't dead yet. Boy Genius says "one of our reliable Apple sources" is confirming that iTunes in the cloud is still being developed -- the capability discussed would allow streaming of music and movies both from Apple's servers and between home computers, as well as wireless syncing with whatever iDevices you've got laying around, sending apps, contacts, and videos and photos wirelessly back to your Mac. That all sounds good (and fits with Apple's purchase of Lala a while back), but when?

No answer yet. But the source does say that this fall will bring "two new devices with camera/camcorder capabilities." Now we're talking -- if Apple updates the iPod touch and the iPod nano with the same camera system now found in the iPhone 4, it would make a lot of sense to update iTunes and premiere a cloud-based service then as well. As is usually the case, we'll just have to wait and see. But good to know iTunes still has a chance of getting partly cloudy.

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