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Silent Hill vocalist working with Yamaoka on Suda/Mikami game


On her Facebook page, frequent Silent Hill vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn announced that she was working on something new with Akira Yamaoka -- and that she wouldn't be in Silent Hill 8. Apparently, Yamaoka got her in the "divorce." We contacted Yamaoka's new home, Grasshopper Manufacture, to find out if it was the enigmatic Suda/Shinji Mikami project for EA Partners on which the "You're Not Here" singer was collaborating.

According to a Grasshopper rep, it was. " Yamaoka-san worked on two new songs for our EAP game while in LA," he told Joystiq. "Both will be used during some of the most climactic moments of the game. I've heard bits of the unfinished versions, and all I can say is that Akira and Mary Elizabeth are an amazing combination. I'm sure fans are going to enjoy it."

The biggest implication from this announcement is that we now have proof that work has been done on this game! Also, we now know it's going to have cool music.

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