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Steve Jobs' Head and the iPhone girl's single


Ever wonder what's in Steve Jobs' head? If so, then this song is for you. Jonathan Mann is a singer-songwriter who's been doing a song a day since the beginning of last year, and he wrote this little ditty about the crazy, mad genius of one S. Jobs. Mann's a big Apple fan, apparently; he also posted a video that was completely shot and edited on an iPhone 4, and he wrote another song about a charity iPhone app. It's all pretty catchy stuff.

And for those of you following the story of the Korean girl who nabbed a record deal by posting a video of herself playing with a bunch of iPhones, 9to5Mac has posted her first single. Kim Yeo-hee is her name, and the song is ... well, not exactly like the iPhone-driven tune that made her famous. I don't remember her rapping at all in the original video. Good on her for following her dreams, though. Glad to see the iPhone has helped yet another Apple fan achieve a little bit of success.

[via Cult of Mac]

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