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The Daily Grind: Turning the other cheek


If there's one thing that MMOs have burned into our brains, melted into our psyches and stamped all over our reflexes, it's that if something moves in game, we should kill it. Sometimes we get a little yellow caution light telling us not to kill it yet, because we're not high enough level or that player isn't in a PvP zone, but it's only a matter of time before the light flickers to green and the slaughter commences. So we kill and we kill and we kill some more, because that's how we roll.

But are there times when you deliberately choose not to kill something? Maybe it's a cute mob that you can't bear to see dead and twitching on the ground. Maybe it's a former ally who has earned mercy, or a noble race who deserve a reprieve. Perhaps you find that deep within your heart, sometimes you'd rather hug than slug -- and you run by that flagged lowbie enemy player with a smile.

Are there times that you refuse to kill a mob or a player on principle rather than practicality?

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