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The Queue: You will all perish in daww so cute

Matthew Rossi

Seriously, that's the most adorable author of a Cataclysm I've ever seen. Seriously, denizens of Azeroth, we're so screwed. Look at him! We're never going to be able to raid this guy, we'll get in there and be swallowed up by the adorable. Half the raid is going to watch to give him scritchies.

In honor of the massive Cataclysm info dump, this edition of the Queue is in honor of our soon-to-be overlord, Deathwing the Adorable.

Arkonn asked:

"Do you think we'll ever see Arthas' older sister Caila in WoW? Heir to the Lordaeron throne AND we know she had a bit of a thing with DP/Deathwing... so... possible introduction in Cataclysm?"

Possible, sure. I mean, look at Deathwing up there, how could she resist coming out of hiding to give him a snuggle?

Seriously, though, while it's certainly possible I have no idea. Commenter Tabardsrock linked to a speculation post on WoWWiki about a possible in game presence for Calia Menethil, which I find interesting and wouldn't mind seeing expanded upon. The problem with Calia Menethil at present is, even if she did return and assert her claim to the throne of Lordaeron, there's currently a small problem with (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS) walking, genocidal undead infesting the place. However, it could be interesting to see her pop up, not only to bedevil her old "fiancee" but also to give Sylvanas the business. Frankly, minus a foil, Sylvanas is starting to wig out.

Itsthebrent asked:

"I recently faction changed a Paladin from Alliance to Horde at level 70, and this is my first ever Horde toon. I've played Alliance for about four years, but the Horde side is a whole new world to me. Are there any questlines/locations/general things I should do to enjoy the Horde side even more?"

Well, Brent, while I'm sitting here wanting to scratch Deathwing's belly (lookit the belly), I'll point out that your fellow Horde gave you some good answers in the thread you asked in. But if you're in a completist mood, I'm going to say that you should definitely go to Thousand Needs and do some of the quests there. Lots of interesting tauren lore, hints as to the Grimtotem menace, and you can help the Horde gain revenge against marauding silithids. Plus, the whole place is going to be affected severely by the Cataclysm, so catch up on it while you can.

Similarly, while there aren't many quests in Azshara, the Horde does have a neat vengeance-related one that's probably going to be gone when the goblins transform the place.

RG asked:

"Why is there a restriction to the dungeon finder for "level appropriate" instances? I'm just finishing old-world dungeons (I'm at 80) and will be starting outland dungeons (for lore, fun and achievements) and it would be nice to be able to use the dungeon finder. "

Most likely it's done this way because the DF is designed for people looking for level-appropriate dungeons. It's already working hard to match people to dungeons that they can complete and gain rewards that are meaningful to them; while it would be nice for people running older content for achievements and such to be able to use the system, it's not intended for that. Since your level 80 toon can easily get to any dungeon in the older content and can probably solo up to Outland heroics (some folks can even solo the first few Wrath dungeons by now without much effort), the system's priorities are focused on getting people who are leveling or gearing up into runs faster.

Of course it's always possible Blizzard will choose to support folks going back to older content. I'm pretty sure that while they don't forbid higher-level players from running friends through old content, they're not very likely to make random Ragefire Chasm groups with three level 14s and 2 80s any time soon.

I asked:

"Who's a cutie pie Aspect of Earth? Who's the cutest destroyer of civilizations ever? Who is? You is! You is!"

Then I asked him if he wanted to go for walkies and he belched molten lava at me. I'm taking that as a no.

Mike the DK asked:

"When entering the Blood Quarter in ICC, you find three dazzling vampires and a Queen hovering over them. What, may I ask, is moving behind the scene? there seems to be something of large proportions but I can't see enough of it to make up what it is.

There's a big red orb that is the Darkfallen Orb; it's what raises the three princes from the various deaths players inflicted on them as they leveled up and ran dungeons and quested.

Then there are moving images in large portals; each image is of the location each individual Blood Prince "died" to the players in. So behind where Prince Valanar gets raised is an image of the Naxxanar floating necropolis in Borean Tundra, behind Prince Taldaram lies an image of Ahn'Kahet the Old Kingdom (where he is the second boss), and behind Keleseth is an image of his room in Utgarde Keep.

It should also be noted that none of the Blood Princes are as cute as Deathwing.

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