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WAR40K courts 1 million users, WoW players

Jef Reahard

Danny Bilson, core games vice president at THQ, is rather excited by the prospects of Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online. In an interview at CVG, the executive talks about both the potential of the underlying intellectual property as well as the game itself. The title, currently in development at Vigil Games and fresh off a crowd-pleasing E3 trailer reveal, looks to appeal to a broad base of MMORPG games, starting with Blizzard fans.

"I've spent lots of time in WoW. As a WoW fanatic, I'm going to go right to 40K as soon as it comes out. It's very friendly to the WoW player," Bilson says.

In addition to aiming for the current market-share top dog, Bilson lets on that WAR40K is looking for approximately a million players in order to be successful. "They've got 14 million players! Gimme a million and I'm good! We're real good at a million, right?" We don't need everybody to migrate. We just need some of them -- and I'm full confident we're going to get them," he said.

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