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Breakfast topic: Streaks!

Matt Low

The game itself keeps track of a variety of streaks and other interesting stats. Just to spice things up for a bit, I like to think of odd little streaks that we have going on in my guild and in my raids. I wish more odd things like that would get tracked. There are both good streaks and bad streaks. Some good streaks would be like going 9 straight weeks on a boss without wiping. Another would be going 5 straight weeks where a Zod's Repeating Longbow dropped. We only had 3 hunters at t he time who could really use it. But there are bad streaks which I'm not proud of. Try going 9 weeks without seeing a Deathbringer's Will or going 4 weeks where someone gets mind controlled during the Blood Queen encounter. That stuff drives me to tears.

What about you? What sort of crazy streaks have you witnessed or been a part of?

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