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Rise Against, Queens of the Stone Age get Nail'd


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Nope, we absolutely could not help ourselves -- sure, we might be writing about how Rise Against and Queens of the Stone Age (as well as Slipknot and the Backyard Babies) will be adding tracks to Techland's upcoming off-road racer Nail'd, but that headline was right there, just staring us in the face! And though music from the aforementioned groups isn't scientifically proven to inspire racing precision in gamers, publisher Deep Silver believes the soundtrack will "fuel their adrenaline to the absolute limit." And what if players want to push it past the "absolute limit?"

Glad you asked -- Deep Silver has teased another soundtrack reveal to be made in the near future, saying the announcement will inform us about music "created especially for the game by an all-star group of rock luminaries." Our best guess? Ratt. It's clearly Ratt.

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