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The Sky Factory brings the lorf's most beautiful creation to your ceiling (video)

Trent Wolbe

Sometimes when we're sitting at our interplanetary Engadget HQ blogging about terrestrial tech, we miss the comforts of home. You know - stuff like Chipotle, Crystal Pepsi, and checking out some good old-fashioned leaves and things breezing around in the skylight. Then The Sky Factory sent us our own personal sky. In HD. We hid in the airlock while they were installing the arrays of HDTVs and video processors in our recessed ceiling, so now the illusion of lying in a field of gently waving aspens, magnolias, or palm trees is more reality than fantasy. Missing stuff is for amateurs. We're still waiting for the clear soda and mega-burritos but this makes the wait a lot more tolerable.

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