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Unedited Dead Rising 2 classified in Australia


Australia's OFLC has passed Dead Rising 2 with an MA15+ classification. The game's Aussie distributor tells Gamespot the zombie-survival splatterfest was rated without any edits. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero also passed with the MA15+ rating. A Capcom representative informed Joystiq they don't believe edits were ever made to the original Dead Rising or Chop Till You Drop (its Wii incarnation) for their MA15+ ratings.

The reason why Dead Rising 2 is getting attention for its classification is because of the difficulties Left 4 Dead 2 experienced last year. Valve's game was eventually classified with significant reductions in gore. From our preview time with Dead Rising 2, the game has plenty of gore to spare. Australia's continued lack of an R18+ rating makes the system seem arbitrary when faced with situations like this.

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