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WRUP: Frappé (accent required) Edition


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It's Independence Day weekend in the States and that means forced time outside in the heat. If you're spending a significant amount of time in the sun with family, but still want energy at night for game playing, might we recommend a Greek frappé. A cultural staple, the frappé is easy to make and after chugging those all day, you'll be well ready to play deep into the night. Check out a helpful how-to video and recipe after the break.

What's everyone playing?

From Frappé Nation:

1. Place 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, sugar to taste, and a splash (3-to-4 tablespoons) of cold water in a shaker, jar, or drink mixer. Cover and shake well for 30 seconds or, if using a standing or hand-held drink mixer, process for 10 seconds to produce a thick foam.

2. Place a few ice cubes in a tall glass. Slowly pour the coffee foam into the glass. Add a splash of milk (evaporated or regular), if desired. Fill with water until the foam reaches the top of the glass. Serve with a flexible straw.

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