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Idolmaster 2 announced for Xbox 360, coming in 2011


There have been nearly half a dozen Idolmaster titles in the past five years. But, it looks like the franchise is finally ready to jump to the big number 2. Andriasang reports that a new Idolmaster for Xbox 360 -- Idolmaster 2 -- will be coming your way in 2011. A new trailer (which we sat through in public for you) was also released via the game's official website.

Apparently, this time around, players will be tasked with turning three Idols into national hits. Characters from the first Idolmaster, as well as characters from Idolmaster SP and a couple new Idols, will be making up the game's roster, and everyone is said to have aged by one year. Little else is known about the sequel at the moment, but if you want to sing along to some bubblegum J-Pop, click past the break.

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