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Law firms suing Apple not impressed with explanation of reception issues

Mel Martin

The fix from Apple for the increasing complaints about iPhone 4 reception is, not surprisingly, not going over very well with the lawyers representing people who are complaining of dropped calls.

Apple said yesterday it was 'stunned' to learn the signal strength graph on every iPhone made is not accurate, and is displaying much better reception than the phone is really getting. To fix it, Apple is going to recalibrate the display, essentially giving you fewer bars in more places.

Dan Ward, of Ward & Ward, one of the law firms suing Apple and AT&T told me:

We at Ward & Ward, along with many others, are very skeptical of this "fix." While Apple admits to misrepresenting to the public [about] the signal strength its iPhone 4 is receiving, and then says they will fix that problem, there is no indication that this "fix" will actually solve the underlying design problem.

Another firm with clients suing Apple, Mason LLP, told TechCrunch:

Our investigation revealed that users lost reception when gripping the phone in a conventional manner. We believe that the problem is not merely how the signal strength is displayed but involves a physical blocking of the antennae which cuts off calls.

The other firms suing Apple are also not likely to be persuaded by Apple's explanation, so don't expect those lawsuits to go away any time soon.

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